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Digitization of Slides, Negatives and Photos


Do you have Photos, Negatives oder Slides of earlier?

Whether you have just a few of or a whole collection, you can bring it around and we will digitize everything. You'll get the entire image material from us on an SD card. You can view the images on your Computer then and save it there too. You can it also send by E-Mail or upload it to Facebook, Twitter etc.





1 - 9 pcs. 0.45 SFr. per pcs.

10 - 19 pcs. 0.40 SFr. per pcs.

20 - 29 pcs. 0.35 SFr. per pcs.

30 - 39 pcs. 0.30 SFr. per pcs.

40 - 49 pcs. 0.25 SFr. per pcs.

From 50 pcs. 0.20 SFr. per pcs.


+ basic services 10.00 SFr.



SD card 16GB 25.00 SFr. per pcs.

SD card 8GB 15.00 SFr. per pcs.








You want organize an Event, Birthday-Party, Wedding, Movie Premiere, etc.? We know it`s not easy to organize something like that. That`s why we offer you, to organize the hole Event for you from A - Z to cheap prices.


We have a wide supply. Choose what you need by yourself!


Hall-Decoration, Catering-Service, Photo und Video, Location-Guide, Make-Up, Guest-Gifts, Shopping-/Tourguide, Hotel-, Flight-, Trainticket-Booking, Guesthouse, Limousine, Choregrapher, DJ, Screen- and Beamerrental, Pring of Invitation-Cards, Birthday-/Weddingcakes



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